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Kyle just please leave me alone!' shouted kenny ' But kenny please you just have to understand'  I sobbed . " i've heard enough Kyle" . That was only an hour ago we are now in school in thrid period and I just cant think stragiht. I cant stop thinking about what happend with kenny;. this is why I never told him how i felt because I knew this was gunna happen. I glare over at my cosin Star She looks nervos and i have no clue why she has always beeen able to see into the futre it was starnge.

She had lived with us for about 6 months because her dad and mother had died. It's not like living with us was any better though my parents had gotten divorced and my mother didn't take it so well She abusies us. The only reson Ike didn't get abusied was because me and Star would make sure he didn't.

My thoughts where disturbed when my phone went off. I looked to see if out teacher Mrs.Spurrel was looking luckily for me she wasen't I looked at my phone the text was from Stan " dude are you ok you seem out of it" " I'm fine im just.. tired . " ok" ushally he would have argued but i guesse he didn't want to start a fight.

The bell went i did not want to go to the next pierod because Kenny was in my class. I dragged myself out of L.A. only 10 minites of class had started. Only 30ty more to go. I had gotten called down to the conslier i had to go to him for some stuff I had done.

I was just glade to leave class. Now it's the last pierod off the day and im sitting by Stan , fatass and Craig. Even though you cant really call Cartman fat anymore cause belive it or not he lost alot of weight and started dating Craig. Lucily though Kenny isnt in the same social class. My phone goes off yet again its from Stan " are you ok?" " I told you I'm fine!!" " you don't seem it what happend??" "ugh I'll tell you later just not now "
well did you like it?? are you wondering how it ends ?? Me too cause i havent written it yet. And im thinking about adding style in it but should i?? chpt 2 : [link]

Stan kyle kenny belong to matt and trey
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March 6, 2012
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