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My name is Kyle Brofloski Im a nerdy ginger jew i get beat up at school even my own boyfriend beats me he tells me he has to keep up with his reputation at the end of the day i feel like im almost dead. The only person i feel like i can trust is Kenny he is always there for me no matter what sometimes i wonder if i was with kenny it would be better. But im scared of stan going after me so i just stay silent.

Sometimes i wonder if death would be better. I dont talk as much as i used to and i barley wiegh a thing because i dont eat to much anymore. If i did more people would go after me. I'm tired and beat when my mom asks were all the brusies come from i just tell her im a clutz if i told her the truth she would probably start a war and i dont want that happing again. For the life of me i cant stop cutting it makes some of the pain go away for a while so i enojoy it i know it sounds strange but i just want to feel something other then hate but id rather feel pain then nothing at all so it works

I sigh and shut my jornal and lay on my side and go to sleep
This was something i wrote a while back and so i just changed some parts and to me i feel like it would be something kyle would be writting about

Kyle,stan and kenny are Matt and treys
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May 22, 2012
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