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I feel a pair of arms wrap around me i glance up and see Stan "we're going to make trough this ok??" I just look back down i dont belive this but i nod my head "so are you going to tell me now why you were so upset"  im silent for a few moments " i told kenny that i loved him and he yelled at me and told me he could never love for someone like me"

I start to cry just remebering it makes me sob Stan realeses me and sighs. "dont worry ky he'll come around" star starts "just give him some time" I think back to this moring just everything then i remeber star looking nervos "Star did you see this??" "what??" "this moring you look scared did you know this was going to happen??" "yeah i did"

I feel a bit angerd she knew this was gunna happen "why didnt you stop it then!!" I hissed "because of what happens"she stats calmly my eyes narrow at her "what could possibley happen that you let this happen!" before she could reply there is a groan of pain all our head shoot over to look at kenny he opens his eyes and looks around

"hey asshole" Star growls "what the hell" kenny mutters. i push my self against a wall i was hopeing that he wouldent wake up for a while until the police found us then again the police have always been crappy in this town it could take days for them to find us.

"what the hell" kenny repetes Stan sighs " Trent is getting revenge on us for sending him to jail twice" " i alredy knew that i wanted to know what Star called me an asshole" Star stands up "maybe cause you are one idot i mean serisoly how could you be so fucking rude to kyle i mean you love him to but you dont tell him that you do makes no fucking sence" my eyes blink he.......loved me??
YAY new chapter there is more k2 in this one a bit of style but mostly k2 i was listing to breaking benjmin break while writting this anyways injoy

you know the drill stan kenny and kyle belong to matt and trey
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May 10, 2012
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